Venice: I spy with my little eye ...

... something that begins with "A"

The Accademia!

 I have enjoyed taking photos of my feet in the picture. These are my way of taking a "selfie".  The number of selfies and selfie sticks being pointed left right & centre in huge crowds poking and flashing away, doesn't give people the chance or the time to look down, to look up and soak it all in. It's a shame.

Have I already told you, correct me if I have, that I saw six people gliding by in the one Gondola all taking photos on their iPads, phones and other gadgets. Relax and enjoy the ride I say or we will never really capture the beauty and true essence of place.

Hang on to your hats:

 Not far from here I found the "pigment" shop. Yes, I did purchase the most wonderful colours. I have chosen the pure pigments colours of Venice and the pure pigments colours of Venetian waters.

a  m  a  z  i  n  g

No this is not Cornelissen's of London but rather Pigments of Venice. I will be more than happy to give anyone the address.
This is all for now as my computer is dying. I have to find just the right outlet that will take the strangely shaped converter plus my heavy apple plug.

Watch this space.


Cathy Sayer said…
I'm drooling over the pigment pictures!
Gemma Black said…
The pigments are ... what can I say ... nothing describes a sight such as these colours. x g
Aussie Aileen said…
Cant wait to get to Venice again and get some of those pigment.
looks like you are having a fantastic time in Venice.
Love your blog Gemma
Aussie Aileen

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