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I found a treat in Turin

Today I walked into a church in Turin, Italy that I discovered unexpectedly. It was completely empty. Not a soul, apart from in the crypt (I imagine). It was a strange yet special experience. San Filippo Nevi Catholic Church I found a treat there. It will be a part of my body of work for my residency in Venice. Here is a sneak peek:  

Ampersands Mandalas, and Colour & gold

I am fortunate enough to teach at various places around the world and I'll continue to do so until such a time as the invitations stop flowing. I am grateful for time I have to spend with all my lettering artist friends. A couple of weeks ago I returned to a favourite place of mine to teach, Adelaide. After an invitation from the  Calligraphy Society of South Australia we settled on two one-day workshops. Workshop one: Ampersands and Workshop two: colour & gold. Both workshops were just a taste in each area.  "BRAVO" a shout of congratulations to the Calligraphers in South Australia. Ampersand Mandala Random My in-class sampler My in-class sampler