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Part One: Dallas Texas

The Renaissance Richardson Hotel, Dallas Texas Home of the Legacies II 2014 conference The Atrium Foyer Thank you Angie Vangalis Conference  Director I was in Symphony 2, an appropriate room name don't you think? The brief was to teach versals from and historic perspective bringing them into a contemporary and freer setting. We studied forms from manuscripts such as the Metz Gospels, the Trinity Gospels, the Winchester Bible and so on moving forward through the ages to 20th century interpretations of those forms by the likes of Edward Johnston, Irene Wellington, David Jones and more. Vivacious Versals! My class participants worked hard on particularly difficult forms and I was very pleased with their outcomes and achievements. In class there was open communication, questions, demonstrations and huge effort on behalf of everyone. I think they all went away exhausted but happy. The day before the conference began Barb,

Moving forward ...

Now that my jet-lag has settled down I am looking forward to writing up a short journal of my travels to Texas and the lettering experiences I encountered there  to share with you. I have come home inspired and stimulated to spend more time in the studio and create a new & exciting body of work.   2015 is shaping up to be a big year with an invitation to teach in the USA, the UK and Italy. So it is with excitement that I move forward through the spring & summer of 2014/15. Watch this space!