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On a Venician bridge ...

Guess who I ran into in Venice. Why it's Carl Rohrs calligrapher extraordinaire! It wasn't really a chance meeting. Christopher Hannes and Carl were going to try and get out to see me in Venice before they went off to teach over Padua way but unfortunately for us and him Christopher's plane came in too late for it to happen. Next time!

Venice: day one

One of the places I am teaching for on my northern summer travels is La Scuola di Grafica in Venice. An excellent position in the Cannaregio sectoion of Venice. I am excited by this innovative school and thanks go to Kathy Frate for all her organising in bringing me here. I feel very fortunate. And of course, I have fallen in love with the city (more to come on that front).  I am staying in a private home with a balcony off my bedroom ... oh my god I am in heaven!  It is late but I thought I would post these before I head to the land of nod.  One of the entrances to the scuola. Passage way directly in front of the entrance above. The canal entrance. The canal, one of a zillion but this is the school's one. My usual selfie! Old rock in newer rocks. Thrilled to bits to be here. Scuola photos coming up as the week progresses.  

Two and a half months ...

  Two and a half months is a long time to be away from home. Teaching has of course, made my time away easier and pass sweetly.  There has been a lot of water under the (Golden Gate) bridge since I taught at the Sonoma State University in California for the Passionate Pen.  Weblog posts have been quiet since this time as I have been happily busy in a frenetic sort of way. San Jose was my next workshop with twenty participants from the Pacific Scribes group. It was interesting having twenty participants in an "L" shaped chapel come community room.  I could see everyone but not everyone could see each other. It was almost like two classes of ten. The first thing they gave me was a microphone so I could be heard by everyone all of the time.  I enjoyed my time with this group who were keen to learn. The police even turned up to my lecture just to make sure I was in good hands.  Anna Lum was responsible for organising this visit and I enjoyed her company very much and the beau