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Enjoying a little ... apricity ...

Among the more serious, yet not the least worthwhile, tasks on my drawing board right now was this little one. My local group Stitching & Beyond is currently preparing for their exhibition at the Long Gallery in Salamanca.  These tags are part of a broader collaboration, a collaboration that is inclusive of everyone in the club and a task that is fun and easily achievable.  Everyone has enjoyed putting their own bent on travel tags as little artworks. Firstly, my idea was to have a simple ground with proactive words. Then, because we are wordy nerds, David suggested obscure (English) words.  He even went on to suggest that I prepare an alphabet of them.  Why didn't I think of that.  So then the process developed between us. We chose proactive obscure words, one for each letter of the alphabet. These are the results, and it was fun: Okay I have decided to set myself a task. To weave at least one if not two of these words into my lecture

Be it ever so humble ...

... well considering many people around the world are no longer living in their homes having been driven out by war, greed and the inhumane amongst us ... home is not so humble really, is it. Fortunately I have a healthy workshop schedule planned. Some of them are already listed on my website. If you would like a peek please feel free to visit them here . I am happy to discuss any of the workshop details, just contact me, you know where. It is wonderful to be home!

Peggy ...

... may you rest in peace ... and thank you!    Okay, so I do take selfies ... but this is with my camera and I don't have a stick and I am on my own.  Don't be shocked. This is Charles Pollock. Both of them. I was excited to see and amazed to visit the Charles and Jackson Pollock retrospection at the Guggenheim. If you don't know much about Charles Pollock, look him up.  Jackson of course has all the fame, was it because he died young?

Venice: I spy with my little eye ...

... something that begins with "A" The Accademia!  I have enjoyed taking photos of my feet in the picture. These are my way of taking a "selfie".  The number of selfies and selfie sticks being pointed left right & centre in huge crowds poking and flashing away, doesn't give people the chance or the time to look down, to look up and soak it all in. It's a shame. Have I already told you, correct me if I have, that I saw six people gliding by in the one Gondola all taking photos on their iPads, phones and other gadgets. Relax and enjoy the ride I say or we will never really capture the beauty and true essence of place. Hang on to your hats:  Not far from here I found the "pigment" shop. Yes, I did purchase the most wonderful colours. I have chosen the pure pigments colours of Venice and the pure pigments colours of Venetian waters. a  m  a  z  i  n  g No this is not Cornelissen's of London b