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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Tracing the Threads ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~~~~~~~~~~ Tracing the Threads ~~~~~~~~~~   Introducing a five-day calligraphy workshop I am teaching in Mittagong in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW at Sturt Australian Contemporary Craft & Design winter school- June 30 to July 4, 2 014 In Tracing the Threads the participants will explore the importance of lineage through the works of five English 20th & 21st century calligraphers, Edward Johnston, Irene Wellington, Sheila Waters, Gaynor Goffe & Ewan Clayton. We will enjoy and examine their work and their philosophies, recreate samples of their work in an effort to understand the importance in sound lineage so we can move forward from formal roots to freedom of personal statement. The calligraphy of each will be analysed and recreated to build a small, unbound portfolio to help in tracing the threads to sew our own evolving calligraphic tapestry. This class will be open to beginner, intermediate and advanced studen

s u m m e r t i m e - p l a n t d y e i n g

Pamela came to visit Tas in early February. Here she is at the Eklektikos exhibition.     We decided to do some plant dyeing papers for grounds while she was here, just for fun. In a huge storm, one of the gum trees came down at the Bay so we took the opportunity to secure some leaves and gum-nuts from the top of the tree. Normally out of reach! Pot-boiling leaves at the ready! Flowers and leaves at the ready! Aren't these colours a m a z i n g ! Pam preparing the pot! We boiled up the dye-pot for two hours with a little iron sulphate and some copper sulphate to act as mordants. And while we boiled up the plant material we got our papers and other plants prepared:  Papers Prepared! Fuchsias randomly laid ... with a little thought! Rose petals randomly laid ... Cousin Alex thought he would like to try hi

lilium et. al. eco-dyeing

I have tried something different again. Just as they were wilting, I cut up the yellow arum lilies from Salamanca David gave me as I worked my way through a hefty commission. I boiled up some plants from the garden, mostly eucalyptus because I love the aroma. I tore strips of Hahnnemuhl paper and rolled a lily in each one, cutting it open to expose the stamen. I rolled ten of these and place them in the boiling dye-pot. I added 1/2 a teaspoon (only) of iron sulphate purchased from the local garden centre, as my mordant. It went this lovely rich brown/black colour! I always throw in some excess card & paper for bookmarks and postcards. Turn everything off and leave to do it's own thing!  Poke and prod on occasion only to be nosy! TWENTY FOUR HOURS LATER Gently, one by one I tonged them out into the laundry tub. Wear rubber gloves at all times!  Never handle any of this stuff without them! Looking

leaf letter book

You may enjoy a visit to the A Letter a Week 2014 project of which I am a contributor. It is a beaut site full of creative people doing creative things. My leaf letter book will be an interesting venture as we move through the first part of 2014. More of my thoughts on aging later. A fascinating subject!