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Calligraphy Summer Scool

T H E   C O U R S E Painting for calligraphers: more than fine writing   A workshop for all skill levels! From the simple to the ridiculous! USQ Toowoomba Queensland 7 - 17 January 2013 On-campus accommodation, meals included. Come and share with a friend. Fabulous value! Enrolments are open and will be closing early December so it is advisable to book really soon. For more enrolment details please visit the University of Southern Queensland, McGregor classes . For a chat about the course content please don't hesitate to contact me . Some of the painting techniques we will cover in the summer school follow: Writing in Scrolls & family crests Painted animals Grounds Painting for illuminations Painted Letters & Size Under gold Logos & LogoTypes Logos & LogoTypes  Logo Logos Grounds & letterforms Painted Letters & graphite wash Painted letters &

A workshop report by Sue Quayle

The September workshop was so exciting - Gemma Black showed us how to have heaps of fun with pencils. I thought pencils were for notes and ruling lines BUT we found out that there are so many different pencils.  They ranged from 'normal' pencils with hardness ratings of B and H and even EE and F, to coloured pencils that you could use with water and make stunning colours. We learnt of different effects that could be achieved by hatching, dotting and blending, and of the different lines each pencil grade made.  Then we applied these skills to lettering.  My favourite was 'sketching' graphite pencils on black paper.         We spent a lot of time working on random pattern backgrounds with watercolour pencils. These are just some of the things we did. Two whole days were spent Purely Pencil Playing!!  Such fun. Day 2 of Purely Pencils With Gemma Black                                                  Report