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Canberra talk ...

The Canberra Calligraphy Society have invited me to give an illustrated talk at the Belconnen Arts Centre gallery on Sunday 28th October at 3pm. The talk is in conjunction with the current calligraphy & bookbinding exhibition. If you are in the neighbourhood and are interested in the arts I would love to see you there. The title of the talk is "nulla dies sine linea - not a day without a line" which is a potted history of the calligraphic arts in Australia. The talk should last about 45 minutes. See you there!

Lettering: out and about in Launceston

 It is always wonderful to come across lettering. These in a Jeweller's shop in Launceston, Tasmania. This brass balustrade must be at least 100 years old. Love this sign in the cafe "Fresh on Charles" in Launceston.

Perth ampersand & other ligatures workshop

Day One: pen designed ampersands and other ligatures were explored from the past 2000 years.  The "and sign" (&) is a ligature of two letters e & t from the word "et" meaning "and". The word ampersand comes from the slurring, over time, of the phrase "and per se and" meaning "and on it's own and". It is a letter and word on it's own, ie. the ligatured "et". Day Two: the painting of Celtic Ampersands    In-class gilding demonstration In-class painting demonstration The Perth Ampersand Class Class Celtic ampersands below. Created on day two.