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Painting for calligraphers workshop

It has been a busy few weeks to the start 2014. As always the most exciting fortnight is the McGregor summer school held at the University of Southern Queensland. This year it was 8 - 18 January and I flew home to a good commission for the National Gallery of Australia (see post coming soon). The Painting for Calligraphers workshop was designed for people who had some lettering skills and who wanted to explore more common painting techniques that a calligrapher would encounter in every day projects. We did not re-invent the wheel but rather took samples of painting styles throughout (calligraphic) history and recreated them by completing contemporary exercises leading on to modern projects. I am very pleased the class results was fruitful and the participants went away with new skills, learnt in a very enjoyable atmosphere. The following are in-class simple drawing and painting exercises. I have designed these specifically for the Painting for Calligraphers workshop a