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How to make Origami Box

Here is a little video I created a couple of weeks ago just to test the quality of my filming ability, my video camera, clarity, accessibility and quality. I am also testing the new format of my blog. Right now there is plenty of time to simply mess about in the studio - thanks to COVID-19. Enjoy!

At Potters Field ...

A Potter's Field is known in historical terms as a place of burial for the poor and the unclaimed. Here is a potter's field in New York today. Hart Island, the Bronx.

Memory Markers, Perth Western Australia - redux

A few years ago I posted this fabulous sculpture here on my blog. I am very pleased to tell you that both the Artist Anne Neil and the Historian Barbara Dundas have given me more information regarding this amazing work. With their permission I share it with you now. I thank Barbara Dundas for initiating contact with me so I can share with you the true and historical meaning behind the work. And just to quote from Barbara: " The markers acknowledge the physical and social changes and less obvious, but equally important, the need for the written word to help support and preserve those oral traditions of the First Nation people."   This art work Nibs - Memory Markers was completed by Artist Anne Neil and her team Blackwell Landscape Architects and Historian Barbara Dundas in 2005. The artwork is comprised of 5 dipping pen nibs that stand 3.5m high with blue up-lights    To understand the art work one has to consider the competition brief from the Perth