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Slovenia 2020

I feel very grateful to have been invited to the World Calligraphy Conference in Slovenia 2020 Here are my fellow faculty, looking a little like the Brady Bunch but I respect and love each one of them. Perhaps I'll see you there.

Inspiration: zeitgeist

This piece was inspired by the spirit of my time in South Africa. The zeitgeist!

South Africa - a reflection

SOUTH AFRICA – a reflection South Africa, what can I say. As I reach the time in my life where I have more memories behind me than I may have ahead of me, I can say I am extremely grateful to have visited South Africa. From day one, 31 July 2019 to the last, 28 th August, I was treated and welcomed with such generous hospitality. I consider myself very fortunate to have been invited to teach calligraphy in SA and for the workshops to have gone so well. One thing I can say with certainty is that calligraphers the world over are connected by the craft of letterforms, a spirit and camaraderie like no other. The trip would not have been possible without the huge effort of one woman Dirmu Gouws. To Dirmu, I offer my humble thanks. After one night spent in Johannesburg with Anne Marie & David Moore and a day out with Paddy Balsdon, I started my teaching tour in Port Elizabeth. Sue & David Patton kindly dropped everything, even packing boxes &