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Something for all my artist friends and colleagues out there. I was originally alerted to this great site by Ken Munsie in Maleny Queensland who was inspired to spread the news by my friend Fiona Dempster also of Maleny Queensland. Too good not to share, enjoy! 23 Actions for BIG progress … from - ROCK YOUR ART CAREER by Alyson B. Stanfield 1. Date everything. When you file something you have acted on, make a note on what you have done and don’t forget to date it. Ditto for dating your art. Memories fail so easily, and you want to be able to back up any claims with evidence. 3. Keep a journal. Capture your fleeting thoughts before they’re lost forever. Always carry a small notebook or recorder with you to record your brilliant moments. Journaling regularly about art, especially YOUR art, is one of the best exercises to prepare you for marketing. You need words to help you sell your art. I suggest you might like to sign up for Alyson's newsletter to get the rest!

From the garden

After a heavy night on the entertainment front, with all the neighbours at our place for a 5pm - 8pm cocktail party, the last neighbour left for home (next door) at 1.30am (eight hours of sipping and nibb ling on stuff) ... it is great to get out in the garden ... yummy! After being here for nearly 12 months, we thought it about time that we invited the neighbours in for a get to know you session.  Over to the drawing board for me ... ah,  peace, quiet, creativity ... sleep!

Yves Leterme's blog

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Finished off yesterday ...

This one for a client This "M" is for ... can't say, she doesn't know it's coming so I had better not reveal the name. Later! For all my illuminated letters I prepare a swatch of the materials as I use them. It is a safety net!  I have quite a few swatches that look terrific. One day I'll mat them all up and frame them.

Illuminated letters

I am enjoying some time at the drawing board. Fortunately I have a couple of bits on the go; some canvas' for the local calligraphy society exhibition and two illuminated letters which need time for layers to dry.  Happy in my work and therefore in myself.  Will show the pics. when completed. Delighted to visit Fiona's blog and to see the opening of her and Barry's exhibition ... go here  and you will be able to follow the last couple of post culminating in their excellent exhibition. Enjoy!

Canberra copperplate workshop - trinkets

  Sampler of bookmarks for the participants at this weekend's copperplate calligraphy workshop at the ANU, Canberra.  I did some for Canberra friends as well :-)  Back to the drawing board ... drawing leaves are the subject matter for the afternoon.

From the drawing board ...

  Here are some more images from the February ALaW  project. I have enjoyed making these tiny alphabet conversations.  And formulating inside my head is the second alphabet in the 2011 project Black White and a hint of ... what fun! The folder is made of agate purchased from an antique shop in Montville Queensland in 2009. The paper is laid Ingre and the materials used are metal nibs, brushes and Dr. PH Martin's Pen White.