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Ramblings from Missoula Montana

One of the lovely things on this trip is I don't have wifi at the home of the people hosting me Cindy & Jim. It allows me time , time I don't bother taking to do other things, things I used to do before wifi (BW) :-) Long story but now in Montana, Amity has kindly given me access to her wifi so, here are my late night ramblings. This year, to date, I have been invited to teach in three Australian cities & towns, Buderim, Sydney & Pokolbin with two more to go Sydney again and Adelaide. To my Australian colleagues I am eternally grateful for your support.   Thank you. I have also been fortunate to visit and teach in eight US cities this year, Pittsburg, Salt Lake City, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Colorado Springs, currently I am in Missoula and next week I’ll be in Minneapolis. To friends and colleagues around the world who, spend hours of their busy lives helping to organize these workshops and classes, I am indebted to