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Update: commissions, teaching & relaxing

This little vellum work will be on exhibition in April & May 2016 in London at Cornelissen & Son at 105 Great Russell Street. Many thanks to Patricia Lovett for organising this exhibition. Ah, I haven't had time to scratch myself or so the saying goes!  There have been some really lovely commissions that have crossed my desk recently. A very special one has arrived from The Folio Society, London, that I am thrilled to bits about.  It is the design of a book cover, spine & title along with a number of - 20 odd - illuminated letters throughout the book.  Once the publication is well under way and all briefs have been fulfilled and satisfied, I'll post a few images. On the teaching scene my Tasmanian Wednesday workshops are going along nicely with interest in all things formal and informal calligraphy.  I love these Wednesday get together as my class participants a eager and just lovely people. These workshop are held here in my home studio and ar