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Making time my friend ... and poly myalgia rheumatica

  The past fifteen months has taken its toll on me as there has been a lot of pressure and stress. Self-inflicted of course, as that is the way of things with me. Subsequently I have been diagnosed with (nothing sinister) poly myalgia rheumatica which has seen me at a low painful ebb. Coupled with very high blood pressure which is not a good mix, we are now just getting that under control. As my lovely doctor says "Gemma, you do not want to have a stroke" .  To address the PMR issue I have just started a steroidal pain management treatment and the prognosis is very good. I have known for some six months or so that something was not sitting quite right with my health so it was only about a month ago that the body responded with a " stop now ". It’s just a bit of a pain really but I do wish to live a long a fruitful life. Who doesn't, right!? Some of you know I have taken steps to slow the rhythm of my everyday life to manageable and more enjoyable levels. While t