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Retro deco & the ASC

  Home of the Australian Society of Calligraphers at Primrose Park, Cremorne, Sydney. This venue holds a very special place in my heart. Not only a place where I go to to teach from time to time but where I have been to so many times before as a student. It is for me a place of learning, camaraderie and not least of all friendship.  Baskets of flowers greet you upon arrival. The workshop held on the weekend just past was a look back to the art deco lettering of the early 1900's with a focus on Rennie Mackintosh and Margaret MacDonald design. We also touched on the Art Nouveau. These are some images from only some of the work created by the group. I tried to allow the participants time to get their works completed but I emphasised not to rush. I wanted to introduce a number of Deco elements to the workshop so I did ask them to move on. They did well to work to my time frame and the results were such that they experienced more. There will be time aplen

Practicing my versals ...

Practicing my versals over the past few days. A new "Rengetsu" body of work is shaping up nicely. This walnut ink interacts quite nicely with the ground. The young ones and the younger ones arrive tomorrow for Easter. My designated job is to organise the great Easter Egg hunt on Sunday. There will be rabbits in our garden ... trust me!

Interesting little commission

Some days, interesting little commissions come along. This one this morning is dates on a map. The client wanted several dates written on a map of mountain peaks (and other ventures) he had climbed over the years starting off with a family trip into Lake Pedder, Tasmania, in 1971. The lettering is tiny no more than 2mm. Done in red gouache with little contrast between thick and thin. A slightly awkward job as it was large, the map was old (not ancient) and the surface was suspect. I dusted on some gum sandarac where I was to write due to all marks and blemishes. The map had been handled very well over the years, not ideal for calligraphy and I did have a little reservation. Notwithstanding I plowed into the work with my fingers crossed and had some relative success. The client was very happy and is already at the framers! Never a dull moment ... just how I like it!

In this day and age ...

It is refreshing to see that special interest in medieval illumination still continues. Earlier this year Betty Debnam from the Art Society of Tasmania asked if I had a date available for a one day introduction to medieval illuminated letters so we set to our diaries deciding on April 8, yesterday! With thirteen eager participants all visual artists, we drew, we lay down gold, we painted, painted again and finally we added the finishing touches with white vine highlights. The loveliest chatter, then a quiet so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Participants and tutor departed for home happy yet exhausted! For the love of letters ...