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Ampersands & other Ligatures

Ampersands & other Ligatures - a two day workshop Jill's experiments - all participants created pages and pages of examples. The following are highly decorative ampersands from the Book of Kells. After much study of, and then research in pairs of both ampersand forms, the origins of the ampersand's nomenclature and it's variety of forms including Tironian Notes this was a relaxing way to wind down the workshop. On the afternoon of the second day we each took a different decorative ampersand from the Book of Kells and worked it in whatever fashion we wanted. The participants could use gouache, coloured pencils, watercolour or pen and ink and only had about two hours to play with these exquisite historic forms. Some participants had illumination experience and others didn't but everyone enjoyed their results. Sorry this one is a little blurred but I wanted to be inclusive rather than not. My demonstration roll - nothing beats the glistening of wet ink flowing off

Canberra here I come!

Image Hello Canberra here I come with Ampersands & other Ligatures Sit back relax and enjoy the ride!
Looking forward to two days of uninterrupted creativitiy in the studio - woo hoo!

A Letter A Week project Alphabet 1

Oboe reed nibbed to a square edge Opening Page A simple four hole limp Japanese bind