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Know your worth ...

Yesterday, I took a break from the studio and watched the TED Talk "Know your worth, and then ask for it: A short pep talk on understanding your worth in business. The phone rang. And, then it all came unstuck. A little old lady asked, could I make a card for a very special person in her life, her doctor, who had changed her life entirely and was moving on to greater achievements and she want to say a proper goodbye with a gift and a card. "of course I can, I'd be more than happy to help, when do you need it by?", oooo tomorrow, sure, no problem.  I told her I would move my schedule around a little to slot it in. This was really not a problem as I am in the studio on body-of-work building schedule this week.  I told her my work was very specially crafted high-end of the market commissions (TED Talk talking) and the price would be between $30 to $50.  Oh my I could hear her fainting. I tol