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A good Friday walk

There is nothing like a long hard walk to get the endorphins pumping, bringing on that feeling of well-being. Today's walk started out perfectly. Still, sunny and warm until it turned to light and misty rain. Lucky we are pre-shrunk!  Blackmans Bay 9am Good Friday 2014 Beautiful! We headed for the far clifftop. A gentle stroll.  Up and around the clifftop.  Stunning views with every step! An hour later, back down onto the beach ... "what happened to the glorious weather?" asks the oboe player.  Oh well, that's Tasmania! It really is a good Friday!

Thank you, Paper and Ink Arts

It is always so lovely when someone offers to write something about you or to be given the opportunity to write about yourself. Thank you, Paper and Ink Arts for putting me in Calligrapher's Corner!

Some things just take time ...

A few years ago I created a lovely little Christmas card using a painting to the line technique inspired by Adolf Bernd's work. I have not used the technique since then but was teaching this method at the recent summer school.  You may have seen a snippet of this before. Lilium et Rosa I started this little work as an in-class demonstration and now I have finally finished it. Lilium et Rosa (detail) Also a couple of weeks ago I finished this work to be sent to Europe for a competition. The theme of the competition is The Great War 1914 - 1918. Understandably, I concentrated on the ANZACS. I have decided not to send it for a couple of reasons.  To send this framed piece to Europe is approximately $250.  So what with the framing costs, the cost to send to Europe, possibly the cost to send the work back, plus the entry fee, I have had to say to myself, enough, it just isn't going to happen. I got a quote through Pack &