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The Season is upon us ...

The time has come when we set the Christmas tree yet again. I am not big on the god factor of Christmas but I am big on enjoying the festive season and seeing the wonder in children's eyes & hearts during Christmastime. So the tree is set and here is a glimpse of the birdies atop and one of our baubles from the Montville (Qld) Clock Shop midway down. Wishing you all Compliments of the Season

New Mentoring Program - Australian & International calligraphers

I am often asked privately if I can give my advice on someone's calligraphy. For many many years I have been extremely flexible in my mentoring, giving a good deal of my time and advice freely through constructive critiques and happily so, so far.  The time has come I am no longer in a position to mentor without charging a small fee. In a nutshell: I request a few sheets of work via a short list of text by prior discussion. I give it a thorough critique and send it back with suggestions, ideas and direction. You can have a one off, two, or several sessions.  I do not accept scans so you have to mail me the hard copy of your work and I mail it back to you.  It's worth it.  If you want a job done, it is to be done properly.  Most of the scanned work I have received over the past few years has been substandard and I do not get a real sense for the quality of the work and hence I can't give you the best direction that I would prefer.  With the hard copy I can relish