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This Antipodean traveller ...

  International departures gate Sydney 9 August 2023 I must say there is both a sense of relief and trepidation as I leave the country. Relief, because I can stop all my micro-planning - my itinerary, my workshops, my lesson plans. Trepidation, because I am anxious about what is to come and how will I handle anything that doesn't go to plan. Even though I have ventured through this gate often enough I do know that everything beyond the gate is rather easy and straight forward ... even though I also know that what does go wrong is beyond my control. How does my family cope with me!? I have often been called an intrepid traveller , a label that doesn't quite sit right with me. I can tell you I am very fearful and often anxious though I appear calm most of the time! This tour will see me visit the United Kingdom, Italy and Belgium where I shall mix with likeminded people or as some of us say in the field my tribe ! I have already arrived at the University of Warwick in Coventry r