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Up in the air ...

With all flights to Tasmania cancelled David and I find ourselves in Sydney unable to get home. Our flight was last Sunday 12th and our new scheduled flight, after many, is now planned for Thursday 16th. Qantas has been marvellous in looking after us with hotel accommodation and meals for up to five days. Wish us luck. The worst thing is we have been slightly inconvenienced, as our thoughts are really with our New Zealand friends and in particular our friends in Christchurch. In the mean time I have my visual diary for my records. In Canberra the other day I bought this little pack of 12 x A7 (7.5cm x 10.5) pads and books called The Miniature Collection , which are giving me great pleasure.  My plan is to use all these 12 different supports for my upcoming A Letter a Week project. Here they are: