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ALaW August letters

Just a taster. Go to ALaW blogspot for all the latest. Enjoy! x gb
These images are better for viewing. A very standard type of family tree.

Family Trees

A couple of images from the James & the Baker Family Trees.
Am working on two family trees. Will send pics when completed ... watch this space!
Here are a few bookmark keepsakes for my Sturt winter school students. They are worked in bleedproof white on ready-made artist's tradiung cards with twine & toggles made by me. The script is a pointed uncial after Mike Kecseg style which was one of three scripts the class was learning.
A side on view of the Churchill Honour Roll (just completed) ... you can just see the raised and embossed letters in the back ground. I though this a really cool pic.
Ah success! Thanks to a little help from Claes and the PCUG I have had success with getting a new-look website up and running. The Gallery needs reworking into thumbnails which we can click on and I need to add a few things "a counter" & "the web ring". But I am still learning so give me a little time I'll get there. Patience girl, patience!

Website & ALaW

I am working on rebuilding my website with the help of Claes ... thank you Claes! After much ado about many things the back light in my camera of one year old ... just out of warranty of course ... has decided to go on the blink. The camera is still working but the back light picture viewer is fuzzy and not clear at all. As a new camera is out of the question right now what I have managed to do is to still take some photos, upload the results and pick the few which work. I have been keen to get some images of my ALaW up to the ALaW blogspot for the past couple of weeks. The results are not excellent but still give an idea of my second project. These will be bound eventually after I complete the series and revisit it to make it work as a whole. I am also working on a broadsheet at the same time to see which one I prefer. Enjoy!

A note from me

... my youngest daughter Ellen (26) has broken her hip. She has a new prosthetic and is doing well. I am in Canberra just to help out with some mothering for a couple of days. Back in Hobart soon. I have a couple of small commissions to sink my hands into when I get home which I am excited about and really looking forward too. Watch this space ...