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Plant dyeing trials & tribulations

For a long time now I have wanted to experiment with plant dyeing papers for use with my calligraphy. The perfect time was the weekend of a football grand final.  So with a little help from my friend and brilliant textile artist Kirsten Ingemar I have finally gotten around to it with mixed results. Below are the outcomes with mostly all happy accidents. I have used plants from my own garden, boiled them all up together with just the tiniest bit of iron sulphate which immediately turned the hot-pot a silvery black. David cut down and sanded a rake handle for me to use to wrap my papers around, interwoven with leaves and bound with rubber bands. I am no expert but I am happy with the results and am now looking forward to experimenting with other mordants and papers.  Detail   Detail   Detail   Detail Full sheets The process  Waiting. Waiting.

Newly launched website

Last week I launched my new website . I hope you can find some time to visit! Thank You!