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Time out ... and time out!

  Malua Bay June 2024 Do not be fooled it was bitterly cold on the beach today! Pam, Reta and I set off to the south coast to catch up with Ellen and Alan but both were so unwell we didn't get to see them. So, what do three friends do, we go for coffee at Mossy Point and shopping to Moruya and Narooma. We spent one full day at Mogo, visiting every shop, nook & cranny. The highlight was Amanda's art & craft emporium and lunch at Grumpy & Sweethearts!  Dinner at Raymonds, the Malua Club and on our third night we indulged in pizza! The car went very well. Smooth and low on the mountain bends and a dream on the long country highway. We powered up again at the Super Charger in Narooma. Forty-five minutes from 53% to 100% ... while we shopped.  No worries! Today I deactivated (not deleted) my Facebook account. I have wanted to do this for quite some time. I find that many of the posts thereon, no longer resonate with me. I am not finding common ground. The proliferation