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Tour U. S. 2016 - the night before

My bags are packed and I shall be on my way to the airport at 4.45am tomorrow morning.  This is the start of my four week trip away to the US.  Fingers crossed all goes well and that the travel is boring and uneventful leaving me plenty of time to … ahhhhh … read. Apart from lettering, reading is my greatest pleasure. I will have wifi pretty much everywhere I go so please feel free to drop me a line with updates.  I hope to keep this weblog a happening thing, so you can travel with me (if you like) and enjoy the calligraphic encounters and adventures.  I am really looking forward to my workshops in the US starting out in Washington with a few days of R&R with Shelia Waters. We plan to delve into all this Shelia and Peter Waters and I look forward to reading the newly published book Waters Rising . It is the story of Peter Waters' program to save the manuscripts after the 1966 Florence floods. Can't wait! In brief, I stay in Washington for the coming week running a full-