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Weather-grams for Fiona & Barry

For my friends Fiona & Barry here are some weather grams, of the Lloyd Reynolds variety, for you.  Taken tonight on the campus of the Calligraphy Northwest conference you were to attend.  At least ten trees around this quadrangle are adorned with craft paper & ink, yet to weather ... I wish you were here, I miss you and hope that all is well with you both.

Oregon College of Art & Craft

The Calligraphy Room The Book Arts Room/s My two-day gilding workshop at the Oregon College of Art & Craft was very well received.  Nine participants enjoyed experimenting with all things gold starting from metallic gouaches through a myriad of contemporary sizes as well as the traditional flat & raised gilding. Small samples were created on wood, paper, glass, vellum and metal. Great stuff!

Recent works

 These are just a couple of the works I'll be taking with me to the Calligraphy Northwest Conference in Portland Oregon for sale on market night. I fly out tomorrow and home July 6. All of these works are 1/4 size a full sheet Arches hot press 300gsm.  Media includes watercolours, pigmented inks, gesso, graphite & pen-white. Recently I have been revisiting an earlier series of work called "Index of First Lines".  These are all first lines of well known novels. The titles are all on the back :-) In 2013 I'll be holding a solo exhibition "Index of first Lines".

All that is gold

Here are some samples of my upcoming "All that is Gold" workshop for the Oregon College of Art & Craft.  Two days full of sizes and a variety of golds on paper, glass & wood!  Email me for more information.