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Do not look away ...

Pieces of Peace "As individuals we cannot possibly take on the pain of the world, but we must bear witness to it. Our work here is to tell the story of our time for future generations. Atrocities beget atrocities, life is cyclical. And, as many more famous a person has said before me when will we ever learn. Surely if we stand up and show up and write about it and make meaningful things these will help us all. There are better, kinder humans in the world than this. Surely at the very least, can’t we disagree agreeably starting within our own community." GB

Blank diary day ...

One of many book shelves in our home. It is really soul refreshing to have a some time to myself. I love it when I look at the diary for tomorrow .... any tomorrow ... and there it is, blank! Vita Sackville-West once wrote: "Days I enjoy are days when nothing happens" .  I can relate to that feeling. Although, on days that start out "blank diary day" all sorts of wonderful little things happen. So, on this "blank diary day" I spent a little time gathering book titles of recent reads. I compiled this list for my Journal, and, as you can't read my journal I thought I would share some books with you. Some are from The Sister's Bookclub I share with my three sisters: General: Where the Crawdads Sing, Delia Owens The Moreville Hours, Katherine Swift  fabulous thank you Georgia The Weekend, Charlotte Wood  really enjoyed this book And Every Word is True (re. Capote’s In Cold Blood), Gary McAvoy Whole Notes, Ed Ayres American Dirt, Jeanine Cummins The Li