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A short excerpt ...

  ... from today's journal entry I would like to share this paragraph: "And on that point of feeling blessed, I do feel blessed not in a religious sense but in a secular way of being fortunate. Faith, I believe comes in secular forms as well as religious. Belonging to community. Community that is already with us … all around us. And it is free, you don’t have to “join up” you just have to be brave and reach out. It all starts with two people having conversations and moving on proactively from there … three people, four people … more." And though presently my health is still under par the rheumatologist and I have a plan which is a huge step in the right direction. So, how about I share this very green photo of one of my regular smoothies. The ingredients here are: kale, apple, orange, hemp gold protein powder & mint. Mint is so underrated and gives the most heavenly taste to many recipes.

The bluebottle ...

... it is a beautiful and dangerous thing! But ... once stung you will never forget the burning sensation that made you cry, scream and run up and down the beach. WHAAAAAAA!  As a child though, one got to know the nature of the beast ... such a little thing ... that sting. Just like the jack jumper ants in Tasmania, the remedy is not far away.  I noticed this bluebottle on Malua Bay beach, Yuin Country yesterday. If I had have encountered it in the water I may be telling a different story. As children we would be warned to watch out for bluebottles and on occasion we would be stung. The pain is immediate. The remedy: grab a handful of wet sand and rub the sand very hard and roughly into the raging red marks left by the long stinger tentacle. It was dreadful when they wrapped around your legs in the water ... you had to get out and get the sand to rub at the tentacles and get them off. Sometimes you could kick the tentacles off in the water but you had to be very careful.  I am glad I h

And so we move forward ... lessons learned ... walk away

Yuin Nation country, Malua Bay, NSW   I must say the ellipsis, the ... (dot dot dot) ... punctuation mark is one I tend to use quite a lot. People have different reasons for using it but I use it for two. One, it acts like a thought pause similar to when you're speaking and you look up to some unknown point, waiting for inspiration. I also use the ellipsis as a way to omit an unspoken word or phrase. It comes from the Ancient Greek:  ἔλλειψις ,  élleipsis  meaning 'leave out'. I am enjoying our time away at the coast. Malua Bay is a beautiful area and to walk the beaches and drink good coffee, have time to relax a little and heal. I say "heal" in the way of healing both my physical condition which at the moment is the poly myalgia rheumatica mentioned in a precious entry as well as the mental difficulties and disappointments I have been experiencing lately. Many of which I have carried for a long time. The past eighteen months has been an interesting one. As you a