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Grampians Brushes ...

...   just a little advertising! "Grampians Brushes   is an extraordinary opportunity to work with wonderful leading Australian Tutors in a range of mediums including watercolour, oils, acrylic, pastel, print making, and mixed media." I am delighted to be included in the faculty for this fabulous get away from it all creative fusion .  Here are some samples of the types of experimenting and colour and gold, participants will be experiencing in my classes. If you would like some further information just ask. I am more than happy to answer all your questions.   Just some of the tools to be used ... let's take a closer look ... Yes, that is an oboe reed ... oh and yes that is a hypodermic needle! Experimental ... as well as colour! Experimental.  Experimental tools class.  Experimental tools class.  Experimental tools class.  Gold works! An in-class sample. Participant