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Workshop & Classes updates

  All international workshops and now Australian workshops have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic but ... zoom zoom zoom is a happening thing! P R I V A T E     L E S S O N S   Enquiries welcome! Gemma offers one-on-one, personal lessons to discerning students of calligraphy anywhere in the world. This guidance is specifically designed to help students further their existing lettering skills or for them to learn a completely new hand.   Gemma is not only a skilled calligrapher and artist, but also a highly respected tutor nationally and internationally. Gemma is now pleased to offer personal instruction designed specifically to the interest and level of the individual student. Full handouts are provided for each lesson.   This offer takes the form of four by one-hour lessons at one lesson per week. Once payment has been confirmed through PayPal Gemma will set up the best time for lessons according to various time zones around the world. Consultation regarding the

Calligraphy italia

I have finally jumped on the wagon and run a wonderful zoom class through Calligraphy Italia organised by Riccardo Ali.  By all accounts the folk enjoyed themselves as I did and here are my in-class demonstration pieces. The first class was the European Series Adolf Bernd and the second class Art Deco pen & pencil Lettering.  Enjoy! Japanese Saying Detail