Schreibwerkstatt-Klingspor Workshop (one)

I would like to share some of the outcomes from the Schreibwerkstatt-Klingspor Workshop (one). There were way too many to share them all.  We said our farewells today and I am privileged to have made 13 new friends here in this beautiful village of Bad Soden-Salmunster.

Please respect the artists' contribution here and do not reproduce any of these works without the artist's permission.  Please contact me if you wish to discuss this further and I will put you in touch with the artist.

 And in the walled garden ...

Back row: Regine, Helmi, Marianne, Anna, Luce, Manuela, Karin, Ute, Sam.
Front row: Gabi, Alexandra, Yvonne, my good self, Sylvia.

A wonderful class, gorgeous people and excellent ontcomes. Vielen Danke everyone!


kate adderley said…
well done to all the students, your letters look fab- l so wanna do these letters

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