A wrap up: Bad Soden Salmunster

What a treat it was. A party on the final evening on my Schreibwerkstatt-Klingspor workshops.  Much fun was had by all but none more than me along with Benno as the star attractions singing Harper Valley PTA which, quite sadly I can report, we both knew the all the words to! Fancy that an Italian and an Australian knowing all the word to Harper Valley PTA :-(

The beautiful rendition of Waltzing Matilda that I sang in soft mellow tones and was joined by the most amazing chorus of German, French, Italian and Dutch singers made me have goosebumps and tears streaked my cheeks.

 Thank you to Anja for sending through these photos.

Thank you to Dietmar for sending through the following photos, a few snaps from the final day.

 With a twist of the pen another Dietmar creation above.

Thank you Screibwerkstatt-Klingspor, I had the best time!


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