A Golden Moment

I am grateful for and I thank all the kindhearted people who have helped make this trip from here to there and back again the wonderful adventure that it has become.  Yesterday after Elena Caruthers picked me up from San Francisco airport after a ten hour flight from London she asked if I would like to go for a walk ... there is nothing like stretching the legs ... across the Golden Gate Bridge and back. Wow what a treat. A walk so special that I could hardly contain my excitement as I hung over the edge, took photos and often stopping to simply enjoy the view.  I didn't care that the weather was not quite ideal but I felt the fog and the grey skies enhanced the journey. What do you think?

Iconic - the Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

25th Anniversary plaque

I never forget to look down - as you may have already noticed!

Or up! The light whispy white in the sky is fog. In the summertime the fog drifts in, out and by most days. A strange phenomenon.

Lime Point Station

Fog on the hills in the background.

I am sure these rocks have names.

And there is no escaping it, I had to take this photo of Alcatraz!


Penny said…
One of my favorite cities, love it, have walked so much of it. The fog is incredible and so part of it.
Gemma Black said…
Thanks Penny, I can't believe the fog in summer, quite different to home. Lovely to hear from you. x g

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