Salmunster Sweet Sites

Each day I take some time to sit in this walled garden with the labyrinth. It is such a peaceful place. Today I was having my usual "quiet time" and I was lured to that dark corner over on the left there. I thought I saw something but when I got there it wasn't what I thought it was but, I found this superb sculpture in the undergrowth:

 St Francis' Church part of the 17th century monastery where I am staying and teaching.

And its pulpit.

 My coffee shop and Bad Soden-Salmunster streetscape just 500 metres from the monastery.

A couple of sweet spots along the rivulet walk to Bad Soden Spa.

A magical place is this.


CJ Kennedy said…
I read your post title too quickly. I thought it was Salmunster Sweets and you were showing chocolates! I either need new glasses or another cup of tea this morning.

Your sweet sites are delicious, too, thanks for sharing.

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