Hmmmm London

 Guess where ...

Summer Exhibition 2015 at the Royal Academy of Arts, London. That staircase!

F U N K Y   E H?

Nearly killed my sense of balance!

I met my sister-in-law Jacqui outside the RA and she treated me to the exhibition. Armed with the catalogue and pen in hand I explored room after room of some of the most amazing works annotating the booklet with my thoughts.  Looking back on all the images I took of the works I liked a pattern emerged.   I will pop a couple of my favourite paintings up too.

 Julie, Rob, Gem and others - tapestry by Grayson Perry. (detail below)

 If you are in London in the coming weeks and you want a fabulous show to attend, go to High Society, brilliant. Thank you Damian & Jacqui.

 And so the trip continues ... enjoy these:

 Cyril Croucher

 David Barrow



ronnie said…
dear gemma --- please slip that 'RA' in a suitcase for me ... its got 'me' written all over it *tee hee hee* thank you xxxxxx
Gemma Black said…
Yep, sure, I can do that, no job to big for me … grate in case from the RA already Ronnie :-)

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