Sturt Contemporary Craft Community Workshop

A work by Sheila Waters - a piece without decoration or embellishment
allowing the lettering to speak clearly.

With a history akin to the Ditching community of crafts people, I will again be teaching at my beloved Sturt in the Southern Highland of NSW.

Sturt was founded in 1941 by Winifred West (1881–1971) when she retired as headmistress from Frensham, the independent secondary school for girls which she had established in 1913. Interested in the value of relationships between individuals and communities, the links between hand and mind and 'the development of individual talents and personalities', Miss West's intent was to provide further education in crafts, music and drama for children who had left Mittagong Primary School, and for adults seeking useful and creative skills. She wrote to a friend in 1941:
… I do not know what it will turn into. That will depend upon the people who come and on changing conditions. I can foresee many possible developments. It might become a training school for teachers of arts and crafts. It might become an industrial concern. It might become a colony of artists and craftsmen, potters and printers …”

Which of course it did.

It is apt then, that this year’s calligraphy workshop traces the treads back to the Ditchling community of crafts people. I would like to honour five calligraphers through this course; Edward Johnston, Irene Wellington, Sheila Waters, Gaynor Goffe and Ewan Clayton.

For more information on this intriguing and extremely interesting workshop please visit: and book soon as the workshop starts in four weeks.  All comers are welcome as you know I love to work with beginners through to those with more experience. Please feel free to contact me privately if you wish.


noelB said…
Love those new pieces Gemma!!!
Thank you for sharing.
Noel Broomhall
Gemma Black said…
Hello Noel, how lovely thank you. I have now sold all six. I am very excited!

It is so good to hear from you.

x Gemma

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