LINC demonstration

Yesterday I gave a demonstration to patrons of the local LINC Library.
It was such good fun!

First up was a call to the onlookers to help me out with the demonstration theme - great literary giants with no preset layout plan.
I thought we would just go with the flow and build a page of text. This worked well.

As I proceeded with their input we worked our way around the 300gsm Arches medium surface fine art paper the artwork took shape.

I was using Horizon Pens and Brause nibs with walnut ink supplemented with Noodlers colours.
Only two spelling mistakes which I put down to being distracted.
Luckily both were able to be fixed as I was using such good paper.

I had the patrons quoting me lines from each literati and some even resorted to google!

 "Look mum, no lines!"

 After the demonstration all the patrons (and some staff) walked away with bookmarks for themselves as well as some for their families!

 It was a lovely and rewarding few hours.

My thanks go to Jane & Tanya who helped me with set up and promo for the event and to Kingston LINC.


kate adderley said…
Hello there Gemma, that Gothic piece is to die for, you certainly are the bomb girl, and with no lines, even more amazing, l would so love to come to Tassie and do classes with you, will have to put it on the bucket list, really love your work Gemma,
and could you please tell me what Noodlers are
Gemma Black said…
Hello Kate,

Thanks for your lovely words. The Noodler's are inks. great for colour melding which is what I was demonstrating here BUT designed originally for fountain pens and they will smudge if erasing pencil lines. Solution? Don't rule any lines! Here is a link to them for more information: Enjoy.
Janet Thorp said…
Thank you Gemma for coming to Kingston LINC and demonstrating your skill. I know everyone enjoyed it. You will have to come back again. Janet Thorp

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