Lettering at the LINC

Today I set up the foyer cabinet at my local library with a calligraphy display.

It looked like this to start with ...

... and this when I finished!

The main aim in choosing the materials I did was to educate, young and old alike.  Some of the works are mine, some others by Gaynor Goffe, Tom Perkins, Ann Hechle, the Australian Society of Calligraphers and the Friends of Calligraphy, San Francisco. There are hand bound books, pens, inks, gouache, sticks, stones, ink bottles, quills, pots, nibs and works from medieval manuscripts to modern.

It was fascinating the number of people who were interested in lettering & writing as I was setting up the cabinet. Chat, chat, chat, chat, chat ... what a rewarding little project.


My very helpful link at the LINC has been Jane Dobbs who has collected all the calligraphy books off the shelves and set up a calligraphy book borrowing section just inside from here.  I am running weekly classes at the Blackmans Bay Community Hall on Wednesdays. All enquiries are welcome.

LINC Tasmania is a statewide network that gives Tasmanians access to library services, research and information, adult literacy support, community learning, online access, and archive and heritage services.
Originally the acronym was short for 'Learning and Information Network Centre' but the full name is no longer used. The name, 'LINC Tasmania' reflects our vision: To enrich the lives of Tasmanians by linking them to learning and information, their history and their communities.


Fiona Dempster said…
A very visually enticing display G - don't you just love libraries for all that they do?
kate adderley said…
whata beautiful display Gemma, Blackmans Bay are so lucky to have you
susan bowers said…
wow - this would certainly draw me in Gemma - almost makes me want to take up calligraphy! Lovely. Imagine there will be quite an interest.
Gemma Black said…
I love libraries Fiona ... all libraries. I could be dropped off there in the morning and picked up in the evening and I would be a happy girl ... hmmm I love the studio too. :-)
Gemma Black said…
Thank you Kate, that is so kind of you to say. I enjoyed building this display ... specially drinking the coffee ... looking ... drinking more coffee ...
Gemma Black said…
Susie, I do hope it brings a few people to my calligraphy classes. It is the first time I have run a series here in Tasmania, so fingers crossed.

Thank you for your kind words.

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