Shene Tasmania - an historic homestead

A small group of us visited Shene Tasmania on the weekend, brilliantly organised by friend and fellow celebrant Heather Shearer.

I just want you to enjoy the photos.  Click on the photos to enjoy a better view.

And, the afternoon tea was delicious!

For more information on visiting Shene click here:


kate adderley said…
Hi Gemma, what an a amazing place, l love history and convict built heritage, if my partner and l ever get married , l think this could be the spot, how beautiful is it, l looked up the website, Fantastic , thanks for always putting something interesting on your blog, and a little bird told me that there is a lovely celebrant in Blackmans Bay, LOL
susan bowers said…
really stunning photographs Gemma - which I presume are yours. Treated so beautifully. Glad it was a photographic tribute.
Gemma Black said…
Yes Susie, thank you the photos are mine. This was one of those outings that at every turn there was a spot of visual interest.

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