Purely Pencils II - September workshop

I have been working on some samples for the Purely Pencils II workshops.
The first is in Sydney for the Australian Sociaty of Calligraphers 20 & 21 September
and the second is for the Canberra Calligraphy Society 27 & 28 September.  

This workshop is for anyone who loves letters and working with pencil ... any type of pencil.
It is a stand alone workshop and a prerequisite of Purely Pencils I
though great to have done, is not needed.

We will be working on both
watercolout canvas and a soft watercolour fine art paper.

Sample: not yet complete ...

 Samples: not yet complete ...

Samples: not yet complete ...


kate adderley said…
Love the sneak peek Gemma, looks very interesting.
Gemma Black said…
Hello Kate,

These works have already changed completely. It is good to share the development of a piece of work as it is good to see the stages.

Go well Kate.

x g

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