Out of the pot ...

Today I rushed home from class to unroll my most recent eco-dyeing attempts.
I have entitled this one "dance of the sugar plum fuchsias"

These are pot boiled plants from my garden with iron sulphate as the mordant.
I am hoping some of them will make great grounds for my tiny Roman graphite calligraphy.

This is half of the following full sheet.  I like it!

One full sheet of hahnemuhle 300gsm white

Rose petals 1/2 sheet

Rose leaves 1/2 sheet

Rose leaves 1/2 sheet - mirror image of above


ronnie said…
you and I are on the same page at the moment girlfriend ;)
ronnie said…
(oooooo and it s beeee-ute-eeee-full page too wouldn't you say?)
Gemma Black said…
Thanks Ronnie! :-)

Thanks Bec! Yes re. the onion skins ... red onions are the best. My friend Simon Imagin has just recently dyed his white overalls with onion skins and they are now that very colour!!!! x g

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