progress is being made

graphite on hahnemuhle 300gsm eco-dyed paper 718mm x 268mm

I only have a few days to complete my body of work for the February exhibition.
Giclee prints will be available for all of my works so watch out for the announcement for when they are available.

  • the framers close on 23 December
  • teaching takes me to Queensland until 20 January
  • the studio re-opens and the schedule is filling up for that final week in January
  • exhibition opens 7 February

There is much to be done!

graphite on hahnemuhle 300gsm eco-dyed paper 718mm x 268mm

graphite on hahnemuhle 300gsm eco-dyed paper 718mm x 268mm


kate adderley said…
Hi Gemma, my name is Kate, only found your blog about a month ago, love your work, and all the new eco plants on the paper, l have been learning calligraphy for just over 12 months and absolutely love it, we haven't learnt the hand that you have used on this post, l believe that they are some sort of versal ??, and when you talk about graphite , are the letters just done in pencil ???, l hope this is not a stupid question, and what do you call this versal hand, l would love to have a go, thanks for posting your beautiful work, love that its different...........Kate
Gemma Black said…
Hello Kate,

Thanks for your lovely note and kind words.

Yes, the hands worked in graphite are pencil, an "F" to be exact. The letterforms are versals. Normally versals are drawn with a nib, one stroke on the left then one on the right then fill the middle. With pencil, I do the same, draw the left, then the right then fill. Same principle different tools.

Do have a look at my website as well:

Who is your calligraphy teacher and where are you?

Warm wishes,

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