just about there with these ones ...

... then onto the next idea!

The more I read and write Rengetsu's poetry, the more calm I feel. It is like a veil being draped over me. It's a beautiful feeling.


kate adderley said…
this is stunning Gemma
Fiona Dempster said…
Her words are beautiful and calming aren't they? And it looks like you've just gotta love a deadline! It's created some beautiful pieces...when does the exhibit close?
Gemma Black said…
Hello Fiona, The exhibition is called EKLEKTIKOS. There are four artists working towards up to ten pieces each. It will be held at a very small gallery in Kingston Beach from 7 to 28 February.

I first came across Rengetsu's work at the National Gallery in an ex called Black Robe, White Mist - that's when I became fascinated with her pottery, poetry, calligraphy and painting. Her work was sublime.

Next year ... I am going solo ... fingers crossed

x g
Keith Bolton said…
Fabulous and sensitive. I love your natural dyed paper.
Gemma Black said…
Hello Keith, thank you for the positive comments. I am really enjoying this "natural journey".

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