... a little break in exhibition procedings ...

Yesterday I had a little break in exhibition proceedings to go along to a little creative Christmas gathering. 
I had never painted on silk before so kept my colours and designs simple.
The champagne and xmas fare came after the fun.  Here are the results:

This was the very first sample we did just to get the idea of the medium.
We had zillions of colours to choose from but I tried to keep it simple and rely on colours I knew would work well together.

The uncoloured #8 silk scarf.

Colours layered and laid.

The ball inside is made of foil. The photo above is still wet, the photo below has dried.

Modelling the dry but yet to be steamed scarf.

I am very happy with my first attempt.


Gemma Black said…
Thank you Fiona. I am happy creating stuff ... any stuff! x g

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