While the builders are here ...

I have taken the opportunity while the builders are here to work some "little things".
My concentration is such today that I can't (well I shouldn't) work on commissions
or there may be many spelling errors.  Not that this was a problem in Medieval time but it is today!
These unfinished bookmarks are underway for the participants in my
Ampersands and Other Ligatures workshop coming up in Perth.

 I call this one Happ-eeeeeeee!

I really love this little fellow, I have called him Quasimodo.

This pebble picked up after a fun afternoon of pebble skipping at Primrose Sands
has been turned into a little gift for David when he gets home tonight.

& earth without art is just eh!


Fiona Dempster said…
A gorgeous set of book marks G - and I love the earth without art thing - brilliant!
Gemma Black said…
Thanks F. Use the quote, I love it! G

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