Just off the drawing board ...

This commission came in just last week. It is now on it's way to the client in Canberra. It is exactly as they wished it to be in silvers and purples. I would have changed the placement of the lettering. 
Sweet little piece for a wedding all the same.

A gift from my friend Heather Matthews, a little ceramic crane pen rest, originally used for chop sticks!


Renee Troy said…
Heather is a lucky gal to have you doing this wonderful art for her. It's just beautiful!
Gemma Black said…
Hello Renee,

Thank you for your message and very kind words. Heather actually gave me this little crane that I use as a pen rest. It is so sweet. This artwork however is going to a client in Canberra ... Heather shan't be getting this one. Besides, Heather got a lovely piece last year!

x gb

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