Where have the quills from Wills Quills gone ...

I am happy to forward this letter on from Derek Amos. Derek has served me very well with excellent service over many many years through Wills Quills.  So I thought I would pass on this new information. Read on ...

Dear Calligrapher,

Calligraphy shop supplies & mail order in Australia.

Will’s Quills established in 1989, has since the end of June 2012 closed. The Australian supplier of Calligraphy equipment has literally run out of a boss, as William Lai has retired from actively running a shop.

While Calligraphy commissions and work on wedding stationery do carry on, along with items such as Chinese seal carving, etc. Now the sale of calligraphy related goods via the shop is finished. Any items sold have been passed on to a new venture, supported by one of the former staff at the store, “Derek”.

He has opened a website at: http://www.ornasonova.com which supports many calligraphy items, which can be bought by mail order through his website. Mostly these are items were found on the Will’s Quills website.

Calligraphy Books,
some Bookbinding/Paper arts Books,
some Chinese painting Books.
Assorted Brause dip nibs
Manga G dip nibs
Hiro / Leonardt dip nibs
Osmiroid dip and fountain pen equipment
Speedball dip nibs
Hunt dip nibs
William Mitchell ranges of dip nibs
Gillott (Copperplate and Drawing/Mapping) dip nibs
Dip Nib Handles
Some Inks
Some Real Goose Feather Writing Quills
Special Pens and other goods
Gilders tools/equipment, Burnishers etc
Paper and Card Embossers

(Please note: A one or two of the above webpages are not yet functioning, they are being installed just as fast as their programming is done. Check them again in a few days to find them updated. Thank you).
If you need local supplies by mail order, just as quickly as they can be paid for & posted. Then give us an order, look up our website and see just how easy it is to get Calligraphy and other goods. We look forward to your visit and any emailed feedback/enquiries. Pricing has remained relatively the same as at the shop, unless items, or shipping fees have increased in cost.

Please advise your friends or students about this update, and we can all get our calligraphy work/practise/play done.

Thank you for your time, we hope to hear from you soon,

Derek Amos

P. O. Box 3018
Willoughby North
NSW 2068
Mob: 0469-895-203
Mob International: +61469-895-203
Email: info@ornasonova.com
Website: http://www.ornasonova.com
Office hours: Monday to Friday 9 to 5pm
Closed Saturday & Sunday


Unknown said…
Hi Gemma, Wills Quills is still serving our customers via http://www.willsquills.com.au

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