Off the drawing board

Walnut ink, designers gouache, 23ct gold leaf, pen-white,
pointed nibs, dotting tool on 300gsm Arches hotpress paper

The names of the couple
and the date of their wedding are scribed in a flowing 23ct gold leaf copperplate
beneath the DP.


Gemma Black said…
thanks Ronnie, it is sooo good to be busy in the studio ... even if there are lots of illuminations ... the doe re me is great!
ronnie said…
oh and talking of 'busy' - have your ears been burning? wellllllll I passed on this to you: (do with it as you see fit... I'm not usually 'into' these sort of things.... call me all mushy because its valentines day and my farming man has all the romance of a fence post..... but fortunately all the stability) xxx

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