Today ... off the drawing board

This is one of Bilbo Baggins song. It was in both Tolkien novels The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.
I chose on purpose to use a similar style of simplified Uncial used in the film LotR.
The spirals symbolise the road going "ever on and on".

Korean stick ink, Brause nibs, designers gouache, pen-white, 23ct gold leaf and hand tooled spirals, metal nibs & brushes on 300gsm Arches hotpress paper.


letterlady said…
Lovely work, as always, Gemma.
Gemma Black said…
Thank you Jan. I am delighted to be so busy. x g
Thomas Burns said…
Wicked cool all the way around!
Unknown said…
Being myself keen on both Tolkien and illuminated manuscripts, only can say: brilliant.
Gemma Black said…
Thanks Thomas and thanks too Fergus! It was a sweet piece to work on for the client.

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